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TOXODETH "Black metal demons black"

TOXODETH "Black metal Demons Black"
- The Black Metal guru demos 1994-2004" -
Este material de TOXODETH esta compuesto por los demos:
- Guru demos I & II (1990, 1991 & 1992)
- Guru demos III (2003)
- Guru demos IV (2004)
Son 33 tracks que componen el CD, con una marcada linea musical de raw black thrash hecho a principios de los años 90´s.
Esto es lo que comenta Raul Guzman sobre este CD:
"Music, noise & ideas from the past came all together during some recording sessions on 2003 and 2004, just trying to put together a few tracks as demo for future recordings that never happened. So we are releasing this CD together with early 1990s Black Metal Guru demos just as a metal archives demo The Mexican Republic, so we never got the time to seriously finish all this songs, much recorded on those 4 tracks tape recorders, so enjoy this dirthy thrash also called Black Metal from Mexico, thanks you !"
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